Friday, September 18, 2020

banana peel uses

 Some wonderful uses of banana peel

Some wonderful uses of banana peel

After eating bananas, we usually throw the peel in the dustbin.  Besides, there are many benefits of banana peel. You can use this shell for different purposes. Learn some fancy uses of ripe and raw banana peel.

banana peel uses

1. Shoe polish: Collar shell is used to make shoes shiny. Rub the soft part of the collar shell on the shoe for a while. Then wipe the shoes with a soft cloth. The natural oil of the collar helps to make the leather shiny.

2. To maintain silver luster: Make a paste by blending some banana peels and water in a blender. Rub this paste on the silver thing. After a while, rinse with water. Wipe with a dry clean cloth.

3. To whiten teeth: There is no end to the embarrassment of yellowing teeth. Rub a little on the teeth with the soft part of a banana peel. Use it every day. Use for a month like this. You will see that the teeth have become very white.

4. To relieve pain: Apply banana peel directly on the sore spot for 30 minutes. Remove the shell after 30 minutes. You will see that the pain has decreased a bit. You can also use vegetable oil and collard greens together. This will also reduce the pain.

5. To prevent acne: Massage the soft part of the banana peel on the acne. Do this for 5 minutes every day. You will be able to see the results within a week. Use it until the acne is better.

. Pain black spots: Banana peel is very effective in removing black spots in pain. Rub the banana peel on the black spot for a while or wrap it around the banana peel on the spot. Keep it overnight.

. To reduce wrinkles: Make a paste by mixing the white part of an egg and the inside of a banana peel together. Use this mixture on the skin for 5 minutes. Then wash your face with water. Banana peel retains skin moisture.

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